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We tailor our services to meet your unique wedding and event needs. Choose from our comprehensive full-service plus package covering every detail of your wedding and an additional event during the weekend, a 12-month planning option, a 6-month partial planning service, or a 3-month coordination package. Our offerings go beyond traditional planning, including event consulting and design/styling. Regardless of your choice, we’re dedicated to providing the utmost attention and expertise, saving you time and energy for a stress-free planning experience.

For social events, soirées, or corporate gatherings, we promise meticulous planning, clear communication, innovative ideas, industry knowledge, and exceptional customer service. Our cost-efficient solutions and creative approaches ensure adherence to your overall event budget, blending professionalism with a friendly and collaborative approach.

Now accepting reservations for the Lady & Queen Package
up to 14 months in advance.
  The Monarch Full Service or Emperors Full Service PLUS, are available at any time.